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This is How You Lose Her When She Was All Yours

When you have a woman who cares about you with all her heart and is so sure about the way she feels about you, but you give her reasons to doubt, a reason to disbelieve, reasons to misjudge and misunderstand situations. You lose her just a little bit at a time until she’s gone completely.


When all her attention is reserved for you yet, she feels at the mercy of a miracle to gain some attention from you. Always seeking an opportunity to catch the glance of your eye or a beat of your heart to be dedicated to just her but it never happens. You continue to be the air she breathes and the rhythm of her every single heartbeat. While you take her for granted, like that side dish that you didn’t even order.

See, depriving her of the attention and love and devotion that she rightfully deserves and constantly craves from you will only push her further and further away. For these games that you play might have worked on some high school girl in winning her over but this girl right here, you already have her, and her heart is already etched with your name on it. Your little tactics that you are trying to pull off will only erase you from where she has so prestigiously placed you.


She looks at you with pure love, you see her only with lust. Don’t you see, she will live up to the better that she deserves. When someone else fills the spaces that you have been leaving empty in her life for so long, she will be gone.

When she is tired of being the only one to put in an effort, she will leave you.

When you have pushed her so far away that she can’t even see a single reason to hold on, that is when all the little reasons of leaving you will come together, and you will finally lose her.

Once you have crossed every last limit of ignorance and tested the last bit of her patience that is when she will let go for good. And once you have finally lost the one girl you wanted to stay, you will be the one who will be left empty and alone. For it is only when she is gone; you will realize what you have lost.

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Can I Get A Man Who Wont Change His Mind About Me?

Through the vast choice of men out there, one has to go through a list of standards in their mind to find the perfect fit for them. But the truth is, there is no such thing as the “perfect fit”.

However, as a woman you should choose someone who treats you right, the way you deserve to be treated and above all a man with a focus in his life, a man who will never change his mind about you and makes sure that you know that.

As a woman you should pick someone whom his actions demonstrate signs of maturity. His actions should showcase that he is here to stay and that your relationship with him is the real deal, for BOTH of you.

A man who makes sure that you know how much you mean to him, someone who can’t start his day without you, someone whose world is lightened up because of you and who tries so hard to do the same for you not because he has to but because he wants to.

A man who is happy because you are happy as well, a man who isn’t afraid to fight against the whole world with you by his side

Find a guy who shows you the true meaning of being in a secure relationship.

Choose the one guy who makes sure that through his actions, you are assured he is yours and you are his. The right guy is someone who acknowledges you for who you are and never lets you down.

Someone who is always there for you when you need him whether you ask for his help or not, someone who will stand by your side every time and never let go, someone who looks at you the way a fat kid looks at chocolate cake, someone who makes sure that you know that you are the one for him.

Choose a guy who loves you for the person you are and wouldn’t change you for the world.

At the end of the day, of all the men out there, choose a guy who wouldn’t let you feel any less than any girl in the world and who assures you that you are the one and only queen of his world, today, tomorrow and forever.

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Getting Over Someone You Never Dated

Breakups can be tough; in fact, they have been proven to have an effect on the human mind and body similar to that of withdrawal.  However, what is worse is getting over someone who you never even dated. After you have emotionally invested in someone and looking forward to something beautiful, but it all turns into is an ugly dead end leaving you empty.


Being at loss of someone who you had been so attached to and had all the hopes of ending up in a relationship with but didn’t is an absolute pain in the gut. When your heart longs for someone so intensely yet, they were never yours, what makes it worse is the feeling of regret, the constant thought of all the “what if’s.” The way your mind wanders into space or time when the two of you were together and then suddenly it breaks down into reality and hits you with a sharp blow that you never had a real relationship with that person yet you gave your all, and it amounted to nothing at all.

This feeling is perhaps the worst case of withdrawal. Having to get over that one person you have gotten so used to being around and talking to and always texting. The one person whom you have given all your attention and care. The one person you did not even date but perhaps loved more than anyone you have dated before; this is the worst feeling and emotionally, one of the most difficult kinds of thing to do. You miss that person and their presence so much, you miss the feeling of positive hopes with that person, you regret not having had a chance with the person, and in this kind of situation you are left heartbroken and truly empty for you lost someone that was never even yours, to begin with.

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This feeling is real, and heart-wrenching, as it is entirely justified as well because to love so deeply, does not necessarily mean to be in a relationship with someone. Your feelings were true as your heart ache is true as well. Of course like any other heartache in life, you will get over it but it is not easy so do not let the people around you feel guilty or doubtful for the way you feel. This phenomenon is a sad reality and can be much more stressful than getting over an actual relationship because more often than not your family and friends will understand this feeling.

So stay strong and believe that it is a reality and challenging time but you shall get past it with time for only time can heal the truest and deepest of heart aches.

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