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Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

Are Cherries Good For Your Health and Well being?

Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

How often do you eat cherries?

Cherries are amazing fruits which have a great taste.

Other than enjoying the taste there are more benefits that you could be getting from these fruits the reason you do not want to miss a glass of their juice every day.

Here are five reasons you should eat these wonderful fruits.

  1. Slows skin aging


Cherries have increased levels of antioxidants which help our bodies in fighting radicals that accelerate our aging.

It makes our skins to look younger and also treat other skin related conditions.

You should, therefore, consider a glass of cherry juice daily if you want to stay more youthful.

  1. Improves sleep cycles

Do your nights seem to be longer than usual?

Probably with lots of turning and tossing and only to find it is morning, but you did not sleep?

You have a remedy to this. Drinking cherry juice in the evening will help restore your sleep to healthy.

Cherries contain melatonin which helps in regulating the cycle of our sleep.

Cherries contain phytosterols which assist in maintaining cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol poses a risk of high blood pressure, but the potassium in these fruits helps regulate it.

  1. Prevents diabetes

Cherries are great fruits when used as snacks.

They have a glycemic index of 22 which is lower than other fruits making them the best for people who have diabetes.

  1. Belly fat reduction


If you have a nagging belly fat that won’t go away no matter which method you try? Then you have a solution finally. Cherries are excellent in reducing belly fat due to their efficiency in reducing weight gain.

  1. Relieving arthritis pain

The anti-inflammatory compounds contained in cherries help prevent pain that is associated with inflammatory osteoarthritis.

This is as a result of a study done on women with osteoarthritis who drunk this juice twice a day having minor pains compared to those who never drank any of it.


You now have reasons to add more cherries to your fruits shelf and make them n everyday food.

How about rushing to the market and buying some sweet cherries to share in this awesomeness.

They will not only be sweet to the tongue but also be an economic strategy.

How will this work? You do not have to visit your doctor now and then for diseases which you can control.

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Focus On Your Life Goals and Love Will Find Its Way

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

Don’t ever make a mistake of thinking that you need to sacrifice all your dreams to find your forever person.

You can work twelve hours a day and still have time for a date.

You can dedicate most of your effort into your job and still have sufficient energy reserved to make that person smile.

The point is, you can have a healthy relationship and a prosperous career. You don’t have to weigh and choose either of them.


You can create a pivotal point and balance the two. You can achieve everything you ever wanted in life. It is just being careful about whom you open the doors in your life.

Don’t rush, stay single until that day you will find someone who is happy about your dreams just like you are.

Stay single till you find that person who is proud and not jealous when you earn a promotion or even a pay raise.

Remain single until you find the person who wants the best for you, even if that means spending lots of time in the offices and less time from them.


Finding the love of your life is crucial, but it is just as crucial as finding your forever career.

Pursue a career that makes you want to wake up early in the morning even before your alarm chimes. A career that makes you proud to talk about while all your buddies are belly aching about how much they hate working, a job that inspires you to become a better person not only for you but everyone in your life.

Pursue a career that you would wish to continue long into your life even after your retirement. One that makes you appreciate your stay here on earth.

You don’t have to let that person be your entire world; the only reason you wake up early in the morning.

You don’t have to dedicate each single minute of your life to a relationship that might fall apart the next morning. You don’t have to risk ending up unemployed and alone.

That is why you should always put your dreams on your front burner and never on the back burner.

Never let anyone inform you that it is better focusing on finding your forever person than pursuing a career that makes you feel alive.

Never give up on your dreams simply because you feel that is the only way you will be able to make your relationship work.


Besides, if you find the right person in your life, you will not feel pressured to give up your lifetime dreams. However, instead, you will be motivated more than ever to achieve them.

So here is advice: remain single till you find that person who pushes you to pursue your dreams. Someone who will never ask you to give up your dreams simply because they tend to think you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Just stay single until the day you will find someone who believes in you as you believe in yourself.





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See How Way Introverts Pick Their Person

Introverts are the least interactive people.

That is simply why when an introvert is attracted to someone they do not directly approach them.

Introverts can stay steady at observing the person they are attracted to for weeks or even months so that they are sure of the person before approaching them.

Introverts HATE wasting time, so they make sure that a person is not going to be a waste of time for them before they actually get involved with that person.


Introverts are not the kind of people who will settle for just any kind of relationship. They exhibit different signs than their counterpart, introverts.

They require deep emotional connectivity, understanding and full commitment in a relationship, only then will they feel secure with another person.

They don’t dive in too deep too soon but once they are in and they have started trusting another person, they will give that person their 100%.

They will love with full devotion and trust in you with all they’ve got. An introvert requires a secure and stable relationship with someone who is not afraid of taking first steps and speaking out their mind.

Introverts avoid people who play any kinds of mind games in a relationship; they need things to be true, honest and straight forward. That is just how they are.

An introvert looks for a person with whom they can confide in and with whom they can establish a deep philosophical connectivity.

They do not like talking to people too much or strangers approaching or touching them hence they take a while to be physical in a relationship, but once they finally do become physical that means they are ready to give you their all and they can then be extremely intimate.

They require a partner who is as caring as they tend to be, as emotionally giving as they tend to be and as patient as they can be.

Introverts do not get involved in a relationship just to fit in a set environment or certain people, they will only get involved when they are ready to and when they find someone willing to settle down with them whilst respecting their personal space and limits of personal preference.

A relationship means compromise and sharing a lot of your space and time and for an introvert sharing their personal space is the biggest compromise of all time, they will only do so when they find the one person with whom they can share their space without feeling invaded rather provided and secure.