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Make Today The Beginning Of Your Success Story

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It’s been months since the year began; most of us had high expectations and enthusiasm to start a new life. However, for many only, the calendar has changed so far and all the dreams and visions all gone.

This is because sometimes life offers the direct opposite of our expectations. Just when we think we are almost there, where we desperately wanted to be, it takes back to where we were right before we just started off. This can be very frustrating. At this point 90% of people give up and accept what they were trying was beyond their limit.

What they don’t understand is that sometimes you got to use the longer route, what you need at this point is not giving up but evaluating the cause of your problem.

  • Is it that you had too high expectations?
  • Is it that you focused too much on the output that you neglected the input?
  • Were you too excited to concentrate on the crucial things?
  • Did you overestimate yourself or underestimate yourself?

The moment you decide to think of what the problem would have been, you will surely realize that there was one.

After self-evaluation and recognizing what your problem is you need to work on it. Here is what it takes to correct your problem and get the results that you desired;

  1. Make your project a priority

Most of the times we don’t fail because we are destined losers; we fail because we put our priorities upside down. We begin from the bottom. For great results, you need to set your priorities right. This way your highest energy is directed to your most important projects.


  1. Set short term goals

Once step at a time. Set one-week goals, work on achieving them. Write what you want to achieve in a weeks’ time. After achieving our week goal, go to the next level of your goals. A little victory gives you a sense of success and keeps you going to the next step. Let yourself go through all the stages you need to pass through to get where you want to be.

  1. Write how you plan to achieve your short term goals

Plan what you need to do to achieve the desired results. Research before you makes any decision to come up with the best plan.

  1. Discipline

Now here is where everyone fails. Great idea, good strategy but no discipline is a waste of time. Train how to be disciplined starting with the basics of your life. Start by having a routine of doing something, something small like having to wake up at a specific time. Do this for a week and realize the magic being disciplined brings.

Remember that success comes to those who work towards having it not those people who need it, nothing good comes easier, but with hard work, perseverance, and patience it gets simpler and colorful every day.

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Five Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is among the commonly used food spice in the world today. It is part of the plant family that includes cardamom and turmeric which satisfies the reason why the health benefits of ginger of so superb. The Indians and Chinese have used ginger tonics to treat diseases for over 4000 years. Here are some health benefits of ginger.


  1. Heart Disease and Stroke

The most common killers on the planet can be kept at bay using ginger, especially when taken with other super foods. Onion, garlic, and ginger have an anti-blood-clotting, and when eaten together they are powerful against stroke and heart attacks.


  1. Nausea and Indigestion

Ginger has been used for decades years as a remedy for nausea and indigestion problems. Whether you are suffering from a simple tummy ache, severe nausea or morning sickness from pregnancy this food spice will help you fight back these health problems.  The Taiwanese scientists carried out research and discovered that 1.2grams of ginger could assist the stomach to release its contents to small intestines for people with dyspepsia.

A study carried out in 2012 found out that ginger can help relieve vomiting and nausea and associated with chemotherapy. But the ginger use only seemed to relieve vomiting and nausea in the first twenty-four hours after chemotherapy.


  1. Fungal Infections

Infections arising from fungi do not stand a single chance against this plant. During a study carried out at Carleton University, it was found that out of the 29 plant species that were sampled, ginger was the only plant with extracts effective at killing the fungus.

Remedy: if you want a powerful antifungal recipe, mix a few drops of ginger essential oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil, tea tree oil and apply to the affected area three times a day.


  1. Diabetes

Gingerols have been known to enhance insulin sensitivity and improve diabetes naturally. A study published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry found out that gingerols are capable of suppressing sorbitol accumulation in sugar-fed rats and human blood cells.


  1. Arthritis

In a scientific study carried out on the effects of ginger on osteoarthritis, scientists found out that ginger extract group had higher rates of reduction of knee pain (63%) compared to the control group (50%). A further analysis proved a consistent superior response for people who used ginger extracts compared to those who did not.

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Ways to Use Ginger

There are various forms in which you can use ginger for the benefit of your well-being. The most common types of ginger use are:

Ginger Essential Oil- this is the most potent form of ginger because it contains high content levels of gingerol. This is the number one way in which ginger can be used as a medicine. You can either take it internally to treat health conditions, or you can rub it with carrier oil on the affected part of the body. For therapeutic doses, two to three drops of oils are recommended.

Raw Ginger- you can use raw sliced ginger, typically the size of your thumb and mix it with a homemade vegetable juice or smoothie.

Ginger Tea- this is the common form of liquid used to relieve nausea, relax the body and settle the stomach. Take one cup of ginger tea three times a day to reduce inflammation.

Ginger Powder- the use of ginger powder for cooking your food is an excellent way to make use of this spice. You can use it to make homemade pumpkin, Chicken Curry, and many other dishes.

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Drivers Of Your Brighter Future

Whatever you do now, this moment, today influences your future. The books you read, the people you interact with, your friends, the energy you put in everything you do: all these factors will greatly determine the kind of person you will be tomorrow.
Therefore friends change your ways,  how you think, the people you interact with, find good friends who will help you in every situation and above all develop positive attitude.
Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow, but where you will be tomorrow will be influenced on what you do today.
People always think that it is impossible to be successful or have a good future because of their current situation. But this is not the case.

My good friends, no one knows his or her tomorrow, you might be a scientist today but 5 years down the line you might find yourself starring in Box Office bestselling film. You might be a nobody today but your positive energy can gear you to be a successful person tomorrow.

You might think that it is too late to change your future but you are wrong. No matter how old you are you can always make a difference and change what people will come to know of you.

I’ve been reading about people biographies from the Wikipedia and this has truly inspired me. I’ve always questioned myself what do people do to? what extra efforts do they do to become so influential in this world? I’ve always questioned myself, did I do something wrong? Did I pursue a wrong career? Can I change it now?

See, most people are not born champions, celebrities, but their positive energy is what molds them to be popular.
Your education doesn’t determine who you will be in future,but what you believe in is what matters the most. You might have an Engineering degree but that does not mean that you will be an engineer. A few years down the line, you might find yourself in the acting industry, or competing in the Olympics.
I’m sure that you are aware of the Swedish actor, Dolph Lundgren. He is my greatest inspiration. Reading his biography make me feel that I can be whatever I want in my life. See despite having a bachelors and masters degree in Chemical Engineering, (of which many people don’t know), Lundgren has come to be one of the treasured actors in Hollywood, but that did come with a price as Lundgren had to train and develop positive attitude in his life.

Develop a positive attitude today, read good books that will make you see the positives in every negative situation and interact with people who will lead you to a path of self-realization, success and achievement of your dreams beyond your imagination.