Benefits of Coffee: 5 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Is Essential For Good Health

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Benefits of Coffee: 5 Reasons Why Drinking Coffee Is Essential For Good Health

In case you require a hot cup of coffee every morning then you are not alone. In fact, according to a recent study, more than 60% of the Americans consume coffee on a regular basis to get the required energy for performing their daily activities. The coffee beans are known to consist of phenolic acid which is a powerful antioxidant present in organic plant sources. Phenolic acid is well known for its ability to combat cancer as well as depression. In the subsequent paragraphs, we are going to mention the some few health benefits of coffee.

Rich in antioxidants

 Studies have confirmed that coffee contains more antioxidants as compared to vegetables and fruits. Hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols are the two antioxidants which are present in coffee, and these are responsible for fighting against free radicals that might lead to cellular damage within our system.


 Minimizes pain

It is quite natural for any person to suffer from pain while working during the day. However, it is really astonishing how different individuals feel rather revitalized after consuming a hot cup of coffee. It has been observed in a particular study conducted in Norway that persons who performed office work and also drank coffee reported a pain intensity level of only 42 whereas those who refrained from drinking this beverage had a score of as high as 56.


Keeps Your Body Weight in Check

One of the significant health benefits of coffee is that it encourages the reduction of weight. You might be a fitness fanatic and in that case drinking green coffee extract could prove to be an effective solution. After studying 16 obese adult individuals for a period of 22 weeks, researchers figured out that those who were provided with green coffee bean extract experienced a considerable reduction in weight; in fact, 38% of them reduced their weight such that it came within the normal range. In case you are struggling with weight problems, make it a point to consume green coffee bean capsules while performing your daily workouts which will provide you with the desired results.


Reduces the risk of stroke

You might be unaware of the fact that as much as 20 million people are suffering a stroke every year. One significant step to avoid this health condition will be to quit smoking cigarettes. However, you might also consider consuming coffee on a regular basis which should help you prevent any risk of stroke in future. Several studies have recommended that consumption of at least a couple of cups of coffee daily will contribute to minimizing this risk by as much as 16%.


Prevents liver ailments

Any person who is in the habit of consuming alcohol regularly should consider drinking coffee given that it will protect against a deadly liver disease known as cirrhosis which is a condition where there is significant damage to the liver tissue resulting in further complications. Although, this condition might arise from different factors such as obesity, infections and so on, drinking alcohol is also one of them. Daily consumption of coffee will help to prevent liver cirrhosis particularly alcoholic cirrhosis by cleansing your body and thus providing your liver with extra protection.
Apart from the health mentioned above benefits of coffee, there are much more than we have not covered in this article. Individuals who are consuming coffee regularly usually respond to caffeine in different ways. Consequently, you must make it a point to test the effect of caffeine on yourself before drinking this beverage. In case you consume a reasonable amount of coffee, then you can expect some great results.

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