Parenthood: Overcoming Single Parenthood Stress

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Parenthood: Overcoming Single Parenthood Stress

Research indicates that for every four American children, at least one lives in a single-parent home. Single-parenthood may be as a result of different circumstances which include: divorce, death and some may choose to be single parents. However, all in all, solo parenting is not an easy task; it leaves many parents with so much stress and struggle. If by chance you are a single mother or father, here are important factors that you ought to consider, to avoid stress.

 Keep a steady daily routine

Since you are the only one in charge of the family, it is important that you schedule all the activities during regular hours. This will help your children and any other person know what to expect each day. They will be aware of what time to have their meals, what chores to undertake, and what time to retire to bed. The importance of keeping a constant daily routine is that it gives you the motivation of moving on and also makes you feel very organized.

Give appropriate and honest answers to your children

At some point, your kids will want to know the truth about the whereabouts of their other parent. Honesty is the key. Try to answer the question in an age-appropriate, honest and open manner. Whenever your child needs help, always ensure that you avail the necessary support that he or she requires. This might be in times of deep emotional difficulties, or illness.

Treat kids like kids

Solitude might overpower you at some point, but do not be tempted to turn to your children for comfort, sympathy or companionship. Let children be children, at no point should they play an adult role in their childhood. Children lack experiences about life or the capacity to play the role that your former partner used to play. If you find yourself in this situation, try to talk to your adult friends or family members. Alternatively, counseling could be the best medicine for you.

Be financially stable and organized

Managing a family on your own is very challenging, especially when you lack enough finances. Therefore, it is important that you work twice as hard to make ends meet. Try to budget your money and learn about long-term investments. If possible, you can further your studies to increase your monthly income. Always focus on the saving and do not exhaust everything today.

Avoid feeling guilty

There comes a time in life when things do not work the way you expected, at this point you might blame yourself for everything that befalls you. You might blame yourself for lack certain essential items, or when you fail to provide for your children. However, this should not be the case, always focus on what you are capable of doing and let go what you cannot. Embrace positivity and suppress negativity for your sense of well-being. If the guilt of divorce keeps on creeping into your mind, try to join support groups for other divorced parents, and this will be a great relief for you.

Give your children enough time and attention

Even though you might have other duties and chores to accomplish, always spare enough time for your kids each day. You are their inspiration, and your presence is therefore significant. Spend time playing, reading, going out for a walk, talking and listening to music together. Most importantly, focus on showing them the love that they deserve. Buy for them gifts and any other essential items that they may request from you.

Take time for yourself

It is also important that you schedule some time for yourself just like you did for your children. You can out with friends, take a warm bath, read books and many other activities, setting aside time for yourself will help you relieve stress and keep you happy.

Set up a support system

As a single parent, you will need help at some point, even if it means looking after your kids, performing house chores or simply someone to talk to. You may be tempted to handle things on your own, but it is good to get somebody to help you out, even if it is a friend or a family member.

Consistency in disciplining your child

As a parent, always ensure that your kids grow up knowing which behaviors are expected of them and the rules they ought to follow. This will help them be responsible individuals who work under minimal supervision.

Stay positive

Single parenthood comes with many responsibilities, it may be accompanied by the guilt of divorce or the death of your partner, but all this should not demoralize you. Always be positive about everything as you still have a life to live and children to take care of. Always maintain a happy face and a positive attitude since your kids are most likely to be affected by your mood.
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September 25, 2017at 10:43 am

nice piece andrew


    September 25, 2017at 11:22 am

    Thank you so much Kyalo for your feedback. Subscribe for more inspirational and motivational tips. You can also read

Caroline Wambui

September 25, 2017at 11:34 am

I’m a single mom. My journey has not been an easy one. There are ups and downs. This piece of information is quite helpful and I hope it will help other single moms out there.
Keep the good work.
Thank you


September 25, 2017at 12:38 pm

Kudos! One good piece….the highlight here being not insisting on finding another spouse. Traditional African attitudes have conditioned some of us to think children cannot be raised properly by a single parent. I know of people who resign to abusive relationships simply to maintain a certain social image


    September 26, 2017at 7:50 am

    Thank you Ngei for your response. Children can be raised properly by a single parent. I’ve had some of my friends raised up by their moms only and made it in life. Its only that we are stereotyped to think that one parent can’t do the job, which is quite untrue.

Esir Nduku

September 26, 2017at 6:11 am

What an informative piece. I find it much helpful and worth sharing

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