Which is Healthier? Red versus Green Apples

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red versus green apples

Which is Healthier? Red versus Green Apples


Red apples or green apples? Which do you fancy the most? Either way, let’s compare between the two, shall we?

Apples have become most popular fruits in the world. They are harvested from a tree known as Malus domestica, which is native to Central Asia. These fruits are not only popular due to their sweet taste but most importantly due to their nutrients.  Apples are readily packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C and many other nutrients.  For those who are on a diet, apples play a vital role in their diet not only because they are heavy on the stomach but most importantly, they contain fewer calories.

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Doctors recommend that eating apples can be highly beneficial to your health. However, due to the availability of different varieties of apples, you might find yourself confused as to which type of apple to settle for. However, to end this puzzle, it is important to have an in-depth look at the differences between the green apples and the red one and determine which is best for your health.

Sugar Content

Apples are famously known to fight diabetes. However, when compared to the green and the red apples, the green ones have little sugar levels compared to the red apples. The red varieties of apples including the Golden and Red Delicious are grouped amongst the sweetest apples while the green apples such as Granny Smith are tart.

However, it is nice to know that the sugar found in fruits such as apples is not like the sugar found in processed foods. A fact is that the sugar found in fruits is carbohydrates and it is good for your body.

The Real Deal

Even though the red apples are sweet, and that many people prefer the red apples over the green ones due to the flavor, the green apples have more nutrients than their counterparts. This means that the green apples have more health benefits than the red apples.

Green Apples (Granny Smith) have:

More fiber

Less sugar

Higher antioxidant levels

More beauty and anti-aging benefits

More vitamins

One of the fascinating things about the green apples is their ability to keep the filter and digestive organs in shape. Therefore eating at least one green apple a day can help your body fight against gallbladder and kidney stones prevent colon cancer, reverse the effects of past drinking on the liver.

If you cannot stand the taste and flavor of the little green apples, you can purchase the two varieties of apples, (red and green), snack on the red apples and use the green apples to make a green smoothie.


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Top Health benefits of apples – Andrew Mat

September 26, 2017at 5:44 pm

[…] doctor away.” This is true to some extent as researches indicate that indeed apples, (either the red or green apples) have amazing health benefits on our bodies. Apples are loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids and […]

Caroline Wambui

September 27, 2017at 8:39 pm

Wow never knew about this. I’ve always preferred the red ones due to their sweet taste, but from now henceforth, I’ll be eating atleast one green apple a day

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