What to Consider Before Purchasing An Hoverboard?

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What to Consider Before Purchasing An Hoverboard?


The introduction of hoverboards has made movements from one point to the other hassle-free. Also referred to as Segways or self-balancing boards, hoverboards usage in the United Kingdom and the United States has significantly increased in the recent years. The gadgets are available in different sizes and shape to suits the needs of different users. So how do you ensure that you pick the best hoverboard that will guarantee value for your money?

There are several considerations you should consider before settling for the best hoverboard. Below are key factors you should know before you dive in into the hoverboard world.

Beware of where you purchase from

Most of the third party sellers such as eBay, Amazon have pulled most of the hoverboard models from the sites due to safety concerns. Now with the sudden stoppage in selling, a lot of returned products are still available in the market today. You will notice many websites are offering clearance sale of hoverboard with incredibly smashed products. However, it is good to be aware of these outdated and cheap products; they might be equipped with cheap batteries that are not provided in the warranty.

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Check for Quality and Performance

If you are considering of making your hoverboard purchase online, it is hard to know the year when the product was manufactured. However, there is a difference between the performance and the quality of the hoverboards sold in the market in 2015 and those made in the recent months. To avoid the incidences of fires, hoverboards made recently have their control system and batteries significantly improved to ensure that they meet the UL standard. If you want to know whether an hoverboard was manufactured after 2015, then only check whether the gadget can be controlled using Smartphone Apps.

The Size

Hoverboards come in three wheel sizes, which are 10 inches, 8 inches, and 6.5 inches. If you want an hoverboard that you can easily carry around when traveling, it is advised that you opt for the smaller wheel since it is small in size and weighs less. Unfortunately, the smaller wheeled hoverboards come at a cost as well as they are limited to areas with smooth, wide and flat surfaces.

On the other hand, the 10-inch wheeled hoverboard will offer you a smooth ride in different terrains. If you want to perform cool hoverboard moves and tricks, then it is advised that you go for the small (6.5 inch) wheeled hoverboard. However, if the hoverboard is to be used as your main transportation tool, then the 10 inch wheeled one should be a good choice for you.

Charging Time

The charging time is another crucial factor you should consider before settling for any hoverboard. How long will the hoverboard charge? Ask yourself this question before making that decision. The battery is the vital part of the hoverboard. It is always good to opt for that which does not take too long to charge, and that which provides a long battery life.


Hoverboards come with different varying speeds that range as low as 2 to 10mph. However, there are also other models that offer higher speeds. It is also good to note that the speed factor highly influences the price of the hoverboard, and therefore you should be ready with a good budget if you opt for ones which provide higher speeds.

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