Hello there!  I am Andrew Mat,content writer and passionate blogger.

My passion is to bring words to life and inspire my readers. With a mix of expert commentary, science, and style, I always do my best to tell stories behind today’s health trends and lifestyle headlines. Even though I write articles and love blogging, my beginnings were a different story. After four years of undergraduate studies in Forestry, I preferred to have a pen rather than a lab-coat and some crazy gumboots. I focused on a freelance writing career during my second year in University. I combined my knowledge of science with my skills in writing. This way, I can help people whether they are physicians or patients. I help clients explore the latest trends and headlines in various contents in science as well as enlightening the public on ways to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I’m happy I changed my career. It is my passion and gives me great joy. When I’m not writing, you will find me hiking up Mount Kenya (or somewhere interesting) using my Giant Mountain Bike, spending time with my nephews, or watching football. Here are the services I offer:


Services I Offer

If you need a freelance writer who can write editorial articles that will make your readers become your advocates, then I can surely help you.

The following is what I can do with passion and expertise:

  • Editorial Contents- Fresh editorial contents on a broad range of topics in health and lifestyle.
  • Content Modification-jazzed up website copy to make people interested in your products and services.
  • Marketing Reviews- Direct marketing materials that inform and enthuse.

Whether it is about the science behind detox diets or clarifying how a hospital can navigate to the most recent regulations, favorable health contents with a perfect balance of science and style. I also make sure that my services are delivered ahead of time to ensure my credibility.

I will help you with the following:

  • Food, Health, and Wellness Editorial Articles
  • Lifestyle Pieces
  • Healthcare, IT and Business Content
  • People’s Profiles
  • White Papers
  • Blogging
  • Website Copy
  • Marketing Materials
  • Research, Copy and Editing, and Fact-checking
  • Custom Content

I’m a very versatile person in topics related to health and lifestyle. My passion in writing will indeed ensure you that the quality of my works meets your desired standards.


You can share your thought/ideas via the contact form or connect with me via LinkedIn.

Thank you.